Man with 10 indictments threatened to kill arresting officers ‘like Briggs’

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MANCHESTER, NH – April grand jury indictments have been released by Hillsborough County Superior Court North. There are 262 pages total, uploaded here in two batches alphabetically, by last name of the accused A-K and L-Y.

An indictment provides a formal legal accusation against the accused to outline why that person should be charged with a particular crime. It is not an indication of guilt.

Indictments are part of the public record. Some of the details are graphic or may contain harsh language. You will be hard-pressed to find among them those that don’t in some way involved the sale or possession of drugs and related crimes, but they also range from identity theft and sexual/physical assault.

Justin Betts

One set of indictments included here are 10 against Justin Betts, who was arrested Nov. 17, 2014 after he and three others had allegedly broken into Kay’s Bakery to steal food and beverages.

Although as reported at the time the incident may have sounded like more mischief than anything, the indictments against Betts for criminal threatening and theft by deception reveal that he made several verbal threats against arresting officers and cashed a number of stolen checks – not the first time he’d been charged with theft.

The indictments against Betts underscore the everyday dangers and stresses experienced by Manchester Police.

According to the indictment, Betts allegedly said the following to various officers: “I keep my promises and all of you pigs can expect to get shot,” and that he was going to “shoot all of you like Briggs,” and “I’m a Gangster Disciple, I will have you guys killed,” and “I’m a Gangster Disciple, I don’t make threats, I make promises and I keep my promises, I’m going to get you pigs names and find out where you live.” He also allegedly said, “I’m going to send someone to your house to shoot you. All you guys are going to be dead like Briggs,” and threatened to get a gun and shoot up the police station.


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April indictments from Hillsborough County Superior Court (A-K)

April Indictments from Hillsborough County Superior Court (L-Y))

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