Man faces assault charges after becoming ‘combative’ with police on Elm Street

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It took several Manchester Police officers to subdue and eventually arrest Lovensky Jonick Maschabaz-Mesidor on Thursday.

MANCHESTER, NH –Lovensky Jonick Maschabaz-Mesidor, 25, of Manchester, was arrested Jan. 22 by Manchester Police, after a violent struggle with police on Elm Street that began when he failed to provide identification to police, and ended after police used pepper spray and a taser to try and subdue and arrest him.

Maschabaz-Mesidor was initially stopped for questioning after police believed he may have been wanted in connection with a domestic violence incident reported earlier in the day on the city’s West Side. However, he was not involved in that incident, police later determined, according to Lt. Brian O’Keefe.

According to a police narrative of the incident, at about 12:20 p.m., Officers Tony

A police officer handcuffs Lovensky Jonick Maschabaz-Mesidor on Thursday.
A police officer handcuffs Lovensky Jonick Maschabaz-Mesidor on Thursday.

Battistelli and Brian Karoul of the Community Policing Division spotted Maschabaz-Mesidora on Elm Street at Merrimack Street, and approached him based on the description provided of the suspect involved in the earlier incident.

Officers stopped Maschabaz-Mesidor and attempted to make a positive ID. However, Maschabaz-Mesidor was was uncooperative, according to police, and refused to provide his basic information. Officer Battistelli advised Maschabaz-Mesidor that he had violated a state law for walking in the roadway and failing to use a crosswalk, so he once again advised Maschabaz-Mesidor that he needed to provide his information, as required by New Hampshire State Law.

Maschabaz-Mesidor allegedly got in the officer’s face and told him to “stand down,” so officers advised him that he was going to be placed into custody for a violation level offense. He became combative and a “violent struggle” ensued as he was being taken into custody, police said.

Police attempt to handcuff ; Lovensky Jonick Maschabaz-Mesidor, who faces several charges.
Police attempt to handcuff  Lovensky Jonick Maschabaz-Mesidor, who now faces several charges.

Officer Battistelli attempted to place handcuffs on Maschabaz-Mesidor as he pulled away from him, so Officer Karoul deployed his taser, which had no effect on Maschabaz-Mesidor. He continued fighting with police and allegedly struck Officer Battistelli in the face with his closed fist. Officer Karoul took the Maschabaz-Mesidor to the ground, but he allegedly continued to throw punches at both Officer Karoul and a third officer (Sgt. Stacy Howe) who arrived on scene as this was taking place.

Officer Battistelli and Sgt. Howe both deployed tasers and pepper spray in an attempt to subdue Maschabaz-Mesidor “with little to no effect.” Maschabaz-Mesidor fought for several minutes until additional officers arrived. One of the officers finally took Maschabaz-Mesidor down with a taser and he was placed into handcuffs.

Police said Maschabaz-Mesidor remained uncooperative during the handcuffing and booking process and was taken to Hillsborough County House of Correction. He was scheduled to be arraigned in the 9th Circuit Court-Manchester on January 23, 2015.

He is charged with 3 counts simple assault; resisting arrest/detention; criminal mischief and disorderly conduct in connection with the arrest.


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