Man charged with possession of stolen credit cards

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John Keeley
John Keeley

MANCHESTER, NH – A man was arrested for credit card fraud Sunday after an officer on patrol observed him acting suspiciously outside an ATM.

John Keeley, 34, of Manchester was arrested early Aug. 23 based on the following police narrative:

Officer Brian Fleming was patrolling the area of 122 McGregor Street on August 23 at approximately 6:30 a.m. when he noticed a suspicious male near Saint Mary’s Bank. The man was covering his face with a hooded sweatshirt while attempting to use the bank’s ATM machine, according to Officer Fleming’s report. He said it appeared as if the man was deliberately attempting to conceal his face from the camera system.

The officer later identified the man as John Keeley. He observed Keeley leave the area of the ATM and walk into Rite Aid. Officer Fleming followed and spoke with Keeley as he exited Rite Aid and asked him about his actions at the ATM. Keeley was unable to identify himself through a valid identification and was unable to produce a credit/debit card. He did however retrieve loose change and a Social Security card from his pocket, which belonged to another individual. He also located a prescription bottle without a name. Inside were several penicillin pills.

Officer Fleming felt Keeley was being less than truthful, so an additional officer arrived on scene and searched a trash barrel located next to Keeley. Officer McGee located three credit cards inside of the trash bin. All three cards displayed the same name as the Social Security card retrieved from Keeley’s pocket. Keeley was charged with: fraudulent use of a credit card (attempt); receiving stolen property; falsifying physical evidence; and possession of controlled drugs. He  was placed on a hold for a probation/parole violation.

The owner of the credit cards contacted the Manchester Police Department at 10:30 a.m. (on August 23) to report his vehicle had been broken into during the overnight hours. The victim’s car was parked on Goffstown Road in front of his residence. He stated his wallet containing three credit cards and a social security card were missing, along with $10.00 cash and loose change.

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