Man breaks into bar … leaves drunk and gets handcuffed

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photo (5)A Massachusetts man was arrested after he smashed his way into a bar after hours, hid from police who investigated the break-in, then was found intoxicated inside the bar by the bar owner a short time later.

David Munford, 43, of Peabody, Mass., was charged with one count of burglary for breaking in to My Friend’s Bar and Grill, 507 Maple St., sometime before 4 a.m.

Police were called out to investigate a report of a burglary in progress and found that a large window had been smashed after someone had thrown a cinder block through it. The cinder block was found on the inside of the bar floor. All exterior doors were locked, so police waited for the bar owner, Robert Provencher, of Manchester, to arrive before checking inside the building.

Police checked bathrooms and the back hallway while Provencher checked other areas of the bar. After the owner told police it appeared no one was inside, police left – only to return within the hour after a 911 call came in from the same address.

Provencher called 911 to say that he found an intoxicated man standing inside of his closed business. He panicked and ran out of the bar, and called police.

Police arrived to find Munford walking away from the business. Munford did not cooperate with police during the booking process and was sent directly to Valley Street Jail, which is why no booking photo is available, according to Manchester Police Sgt. Brian O’Keefe.

“I’m not sure if the suspect indulged in some beverages while inside the establishment – but one can only wonder,” O’Keefe added.

Police estimated the cost of window damage from the cinder block at about $300.

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