Dog fight: Man bitten breaking up dog fight between his dogs, neighbor’s dogs

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MANCHESTER, NH — Manchester Animal Control Officer John Dussault responded to 68 Claremont Ave. at 8:20 a.m. on October 29 for a reported dog bite. Upon arrival, Officer Dussault spoke with the victim, Eric Moquin, 36. Moquin resides at the Claremont Avenue address and owns two dogs, an American pit bull and a bulldog. He stated his dogs have had problems with his neighbor’s dogs, so they typically let the dogs out at separate times of the day to minimize the risk of incidents between the animals.

Unfortunately, the third-floor tenant, Jose Garcia, 50, let his two dogs out at the same time. Garcia’s Labrador retriever and bulldog/pitbull mix ran outside while Moquin’s two dogs were already roaming inside of the yard. The four dogs began battling one another, so Moquin intervened and broke up a fight between his bulldog and Garcia’s bulldog/pit bull mix.

Garcia’s dog bit Moquin as he attempted to separate the two dogs. The dog bite left several minor puncture wounds and Moquin refused medical treatment. Garcia was ordered to quarantine his dog for 10 days in accordance with state law regarding dog bite protocol. The quarantine will take place at his residence. There are no pending charges as it appears to be accidental at this time.


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