Man arrested after police find 11-year-old driving SUV with 3-year-old in back seat

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MANCHESTER, NH – A Queen City man was arrested during a motor vehicle stop on September 22, 2017 because he allowed an 11-year-old child to drive his SUV. Enrique Moreno, 37, of Manchester allowed his girlfriend’s child to drive his vehicle even with the driver’s three year-old brother in the back seat.

Officer Alexander April noticed a vehicle commit several motor vehicle infractions in the area of Putnam Street at 6:20 p.m. on Friday, so he stopped the 2002 Acura MDX near Blucher Street. Moreno, who was seated in the passenger seat, exited the car and attempted to speak with the officer before he made his way to the driver’s window. The officer ordered him back to his vehicle as he approached the driver of the Acura.

He realized the young driver was only eleven years-old, so he removed the keys from the ignition and placed the driver in the backseat along with the his three year-old brother, who was buckled into his car seat at the time of the incident. The children’s mother arrived on scene and took custody of them as Moreno was placed under arrest.

Moreno was charged with two counts of endangering the welfare of a child and two counts of possession of controlled drug once the officer located a small amount of marijuana, heroin and cocaine during a search incident to arrest. Moreno is not related to the children. He is scheduled to appear in Hillsborough County Superior Court-North on September 25, 2017.