Man arrested at Trump rally wrote about staging ‘publicity stunt’ on Facebook

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Video footage by Jeffrey Hastings/Frame of Mind Photo

MANCHESTER, NH – More details have been released by Manchester Police on the arrest of Tyler McMullen, 23, of Derry, whose outburst during a campaign rally for Donald Trump on June 17 at Manchester Community College got him arrested.

But more revealing are social media posts made by McMullen, before and after the arrest. It was something McMullen characterized as a “publicity stunt” via his own public Facebook page posts, after he was released on bail Wednesday night.

McMullen made a series of posts leading up to the June 17 arrest in which he appears to be planning the “stunt” – he talks about falling asleep with audio of Trump’s speech announcing his candidacy playing in the background, and even took the time to type in the text of the speech on a social sharing site. That post reads:

typed out Donald Trump’s entire Presidential announcement speech to put together a word cloud… took quite a while had to play a .5x speed
Donald J. Trump Presidential announcement speech –

Among other posts prior to his arrest include a seven-minute YouTube video that appears to be footage recorded by a drone flying around outside an apartment building, set to a medley of sound effects and audio clips.

According to Manchester Police, McMullen was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and two counts simple assault based on the following police narrative:

Security Officers at Manchester Community College, 1066 Front Street, reported a man acting disorderly while waiting for the entrance of Donald Trump during a crowded campaign event in the college auditorium. Security officers initially contacted Manchester Police because of a particular “rowdy individual,” later identified as McMullen, who refused to leave the venue.

McMullen’s behavior escalated  and he began a profanity-laced tirade with the security staff prior to police arrival. A short time later McMullen allegedly began fighting with the three security officers and allegedly punched security officer Jeff Nyhan, and pulled his tie as he was being escorted from the auditorium.

Manchester Police Officer Matthew McDonald arrived on scene to investigate the incident. McMullen once again became disorderly and allegedly began spitting at Officer McDonald. McMullen allegedly refused to comply with Officer McDonald’s request to cease his loud and boisterous outbursts of profanity directed toward Trump.

After repeatedly refusing to cease with the outbursts, McMullen was placed in handcuffs and charged with one count disorderly conduct and two counts of simple assault. He was released on $1,000 personal recognizance bail and is scheduled to appear in the 9th Circuit Court-Manchester on July 22, 2015.

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