Man accused of attacking Central student held without bail

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Hillsborough County Superior Court North.

MANCHESTER, NH – A Central High School student told police she was terrified she was being abducted when a heavily tattooed man reached into her car and tried to pull her out of it.

Jimmy Manuel Flores, 31, of 104 Bridge St., Apt. 2, was arraigned Friday in Hillsborough County Superior Court Northern District on charges of criminal threatening, sexual assault, attempted sexual assault and simple assault.  Judge Amy Messer entered not guilty pleas for him to all the charges.

Assistant Hillsborough County Attorney Shannon Blankenbeker asked the court to order Flores preventatively detained because, she said, he was a clear danger to the public and the victim. She also said Flores has a lengthy criminal history including convictions for possessing drugs with intention to distribute; simple assault, domestic violence-related; stalking, assault, among others.

According to court documents, the assault happened about 10 a.m. on Wednesday as the 18-year-old Central High School student, identified as OL in court records, sat in the driver’s seat of her car parked on Beech Street across from the school’s courtyard.

Her window was down about halfway when a very skinny man, with tattoos all over his body including three teardrops under each eye, came up to her car, according to court records.  Scared, she said she felt the need to be nice to him.


The man, who did not give his name, said he had a brother who went to Central and that he lives on Bridge Street with his mother who has no legs.

She said he made sexual comments including, “If I had one chance to fuck you then you’d have a baby in your belly” and told her to open her legs.

He also told her he is a drug dealer who sells heroin and crack and asked her if she wanted to buy anything.  She told him no and he reached into the vehicle, grabbed the back of her neck and tried to unlock the car door with his other hand.

The teen said he began kissing her over her face and mouth.  He touched her left thigh and tried to force his fingers under her jean shorts.  The teen pulled his fingers back, preventing him from doing that.  She said she pushed, shoved and punched him while trying to roll up the window but it would not close because he was in the way.

At one point the man pulled up his shirt to reveal a black gun tucked into his pants.  Scared, she reached for her phone.  He asked her what she was doing and she said she was calling 911.  The man, she said, then readjusted his clothing and left.

OL called her friend to come to her vehicle and when her friend got into the car, she saw the man walking up to the passenger side. She pulled the car away from the curb and headed to the police station.  The man, she said, yelled something as she drove off but she couldn’t hear him.

Right after he walked away from the car the first time, OL told police she received messages from “Jimbo Leduro” on Facebook.  One message said, “Baby nice to meet” and the other said “I want u to be my wife.”

She did not respond but she was able to screenshot the messages and email them to police.  Police took photographs of the suspect from the Facebook page and sent them out department-wide.

MPD Communications identified the man, based on the social media post, as Flores.

OL told police she does not know how the man obtained her name on Facebook because she does not know him and had never seen him before.  She later viewed the man’s Facebook profile and confirmed it was the same man who assaulted her.

Public Defender Sarah Rothman asked the court to release Flores on personal recognizance bail.   She said he is unable to post any money no matter the amount of bail.

She said OL’s denying she gave Flores her name or that she knows him, and her feeling the need to be nice because she was scared  “strains credibility.” 

Rothman questioned how Flores, so soon after the encounter, would be able to send the teen Facebook messages if he didn’t know her name or who she was. 

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