Local novelist Roger Wood wrote what he knew. The result: ‘Lawson Found’

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"Lawson Found," a novel by NH author Roger Wood.
“Lawson Found,” a novel by NH author Roger Wood.

Veteran reporter and producer of radio, television, print and Internet news,  Roger Wood,  has just published his first novel, “Lawson Found.”

Derek Lawson, a young adult in the turmoil of the mid 1960s, finds himself at a crossroads in his life, torn between his unfulfilled love life  and his other passion, becoming a broadcaster.

“I must admit to the similarities between the main character’s life and that of my own,” Wood says.  “Urged by other notable authors to write about what you know, I took their advice, and this novel is the result.”

Wood says that he hopes readers will find Derek’s experiences interesting and eventful, sometimes hilarious, at other times reflective.

The book is available on Amazon, which has added it to its downloadable e-books.

Roger Wood is a 40-year veteran of broadcasting and print, working mainly in news and feature reporting, writing, producing and voicing of content, live and recorded. A graduate of Temple University, he has spent all of his career in New England, and resides in Portsmouth. Wood has won many reporting and news anchoring awards, from Associated Press, United Press International, as well as state and local competitions. He has produced news content for CBS Radio, NPR, public radio networks throughout New England and community station WSCA in his city of residence.

He was an early adopter of podcasting, and serves currently as director of podcasting and multimedia content for the New Hampshire Center for Investigative Journalism. The non-profit, launched in 2015, produces daily stories and podcasts on its website InDepthNH.org.

He is also a narrator and producer of audiobooks, with some 25 titles listed on Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

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