‘Live Help,’ a free math homework 1-on-1 peer tutoring service for teens weekdays, 8-10 p.m.

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Live Help provides 1-on-1 real-time online tutoring for teens five days a week starting 8 p.m. EST. Screenshot/schoolhouse.world/LiveHelp

CONCORD, NH — From the founder of Khan Academy, Sal Khan and Schoolhouse.world recently launched Live Help, a free math homework help service. The new online platform offers one-on-one help in real-time from peer tutors while utilizing Zoom rooms.

The nationwide resource is currently available from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. each weekday. Students ages 13 and up who are seeking assistance will be matched with a volunteer tutor for individualized sessions.

“One of our most requested features has been for one-on-one help – in real-time. Students can show up during the two-hour time frame, join a queue and receive live help in about two or three minutes,” said Drew Bent, co-founder and COO of Schoolhouse.world. “Students in many cases often need help with a math problem immediately, especially if they have an exam or homework due the next day. This is a great resource, and tutors are carefully trained not to provide answers, but rather to guide students in the problem-solving process.”

Each volunteer tutor, many of them high school students, are certified through Schoolhouse.world. Tutors can assist with SAT preparation, as well as offer math help in a variety of courses such as algebra, geometry, calculus and more. Live Help launched a few weeks ago and is hoping to eventually expand its hours of availability.

New Hampshire Commissioner of Education Frank Edelblut, said the free resource will bring “big benefits” to local students.

“Live Help is a great resource for New Hampshire students who might need a little assistance with their math homework or a specific math concept while outside of school hours,” Edelblut said. “Instructional, one-on-one support can deliver big benefits for students.”

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