Life in the Streets: The Calm Before the Storm

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Every time I look up I see a new celebrity that I idolized going against the grain…

This week I have never been more disappointed by my childhood celebrity heroes. You’ll know these names: Brett Favre, Lil Wayne, Terry Crews, Ice Cube and plenty more. This is an opinion piece BUT I’m pretty sure that everyone can read between the lines here. Every four years we face a very important election and this one could be the end all, be all based on how current times are going. Virus cases are at an all time high, this country is no longer trusted globally, we as Americans can ONLY visit Mexico! Not even Canada without a special permit such as family or spouse. As somebody who never has traveled outside of the country it figures now that I can’t I really want to!

This election has so much weighing on it that even though we have a crazy virus tearing through the country, we decided as a nation to resume daily life, be within six-feet of each other and not make our children wear masks unless they feel fit to do so. Even though this article isn’t written to be targeted toward mask safety, I’ll still take the next few seconds to happily type out that EVERYONE should wear masks when near other people so we can finally start to control this virus. How many articles will I write before it’s all over? Don’t worry, I have been keeping track!

When I started to think about what I was going to write about I initially wanted to cover the question that kept popping into my head,” What is Question 1, exactly?” I keep seeing these damn signs EVERYWHERE I go in Manchester, so I needed to find out! Luckily, thanks to Andrew Sylvia, I found my answer right here at Manch Ink link!

‘Question 1 would ultimately transfer authority in the creation of a School Charter Commission from the New Hampshire State Legislature to the Manchester Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

That Commission would then be able to propose school-related changes to Manchester voters, following review by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen provided that the proposed changes do not exceed the authority of school districts under state law.

Additionally, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen would have to ask voters every ten years whether they want to create a School Charter Commission.’

So of course my head was spinning. I thought it was going to be something simple but at the same time it comes off confusing. To read more of Andrew’s article click here and comment on the page with your thoughts! As somebody who recognizes that I am not in the know, one of my goals is to start learning more about local laws, policies and more. I feel very child-like not knowing where to research things that I feel like are over my head. Such as this “Question 1” vote coming up. I feel so dumb that I don’t even know where things like this begin. I’ll do better and make sure that I can provide a double value to all of our Ink link readers

Maybe I can turn this into a thing where I educate myself on local government and politics PAST the election so that when things like “Question one” pop up I am informed and knowledgeable on all things. I find myself to be very savvy in social media and marketing but when it comes to politics and government, well that’s where I feel useless and lost. Getting toward the end of this piece is making me want better for myself and honestly better for all of you! The way you can start (and continue) is by wearing your mask when you are in public and tell your friends/family the same!

Manchester High School Central, collaborating to make “Community Highlight” Articles soon!

I’m not here to tell you all who to vote for, I think we all know who I’m not voting for, but I am here to say that VOTING, PERIOD, is important so you would be smart to exercise your power and cast that vote! I went back to my high school this week to spread the word about Manchester Ink Link. Expect articles from various members of the Manchester School District to come out by me over the course of the school year. I feel like it’s important to start getting in the community and start to put together “community highlights” because we have some amazing people and companies that comprise this beautiful city!

If you are not registered to vote please visit
this MANCHESTER INK LINK article from
Granite State News Collaborative

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Mike Lowe

Mike writes from the perspective of a long-time city resident, Black man and father of two. He works for the Manchester school District and has been a volunteer for local youths for more than 20 years. He is also an avid gamer, networker and entrepreneur. Mike values family above all.