Life in the Streets: 9Round Fitness … It’s About Time! Get stronger in 30 minutes

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Get Stronger in 30 Minutes

Screenshot 2021 05 18 12.27.38 PMIf you have never been to 9ROUND FITNESS then you are missing out on one of the more unique workout styles around the country. In July 2008, the first 9Round location opened on Butler Road, in Greenville, SC. This location was both the testing and proving ground for the concept of the 30-minute, kickboxing circuit workout. Never kickboxed before? Kind of sounds intense, right?

No worries, 9round is a smooth-paced, 30-minute workout that is catered toward maximizing your workout time! In the video above you can see the action-packed fun happening at 9round every day, this place really has a lot going on! For those looking to have clean, simple instruction on how to burn major calories in 30 minutes, this is the place for you!

9Round may have started with that single location in Greenville, SC, but by now the 9Round brand has grown all over the world! My research shows they are located in 17 countries, plus many more on the way. 9Round has a motivating motto: making members stronger in 30 minutes, physically and mentally!! Get a free first workout in Manchester NH today at the 53 Hooksett Road location!


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My experience at 9round kickboxing was a fantastic one! I learned about 9round from Meghan. She said that there were free kickboxing classes at this place called 9round kickboxing in Manchester so we decided to check it out! Man, let me tell you I haven’t sweated that much in a few years! In just 30 minutes I burned so many calories from this cool 30-minute circuit. Punching, kicking and thrusting were filling the room as I looked around at the rest of the free sign-up attendees, if my face could turn red I would have looked like the rest of my classmates, out of shape and loving the workout! What made 9round cool to me was that it’s in a 30-minute session and not 2-3 hours at the gym!

Sure it can be tiring but any workout that makes you tired is definitely worth it! If you are the kind of person who is looking to get back in shape but not wanting to lift heavy weights or sit on a bike for an extended period of time then I HIGHLY suggest signing up for a free 30 minutes at 9round Manchester…its only 2 percent of your day!

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One last bit before we wrap up here, be sure to check out these new member offers from 9Round Manchester available now!

    – Experience a full 9Round workout for free with no obligations. A trainer will be on the floor to guide you through each of the stations and show you all the moves.

    – Drive your fitness forward with our extended 2-week introductory package. This offer includes unlimited workouts for two weeks, plus your own pair of 9Round boxing gloves and hand wraps.

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