Letters: Where is GOP leadership? Silence over boorish booing at mention of BLM = complicity

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God bless New Hampshire’s House of Representatives, who serve for minuscule pay and devote countless hours to reading and discussing hundreds of bills each year. Most do so with a sincere desire to serve their constituents and make the Granite State great.

However, at the recent session in Durham and in a shocking breach of decorum given the subject, some Republican reps booed when “Black Lives Matter” was mentioned. This was during the introduction of a bill against police brutality. The NH House minority leader, Merrimack’s Dick Hinch, has chosen to remain silent and hasn’t condemned this juvenile and boorish behavior.

Hinch, a Republican who famously and publicly called his Democratic constituents in Merrimack “bat-s**t crazy,” is not above childish name-calling. However remaining silent in the face of racist behavior is on another level and indicates complicity (Albert Einstein) with the disrespect of his caucus.

At a critical time when the nation is grappling with a public health crisis and a crisis of racial inequality, it’s especially incumbent upon leadership to do the right thing and lead with integrity.

Mary Ellen Hettinger

Merrimack, NH

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