Letters: Sen. Booker takes action on gun violence

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I have long grappled with a way to bridge the growing chasm between supporters of stronger gun safety laws, of which I am one, and with those who oppose any commonsense regulation of guns in this country.

If we all, for a moment, put aside our knee-jerk reactions based on our political affiliations and thought deeply about the problem of gun violence in our country we would and should be deeply worried about the impact of guns on our society.

Those of us advocating commonsense gun safety laws have tried using statistics and personal tragedies to change the minds of those advocating less regulation. We’ve been told to stay in our lane time and time again. We’ve offered our thoughts and prayers. Nothing has worked.

Senator Booker shares his personal experiences with gun violence while speaking in NH.

It’s time for a change.

As Democrats, we have a lot of candidates to choose from during this upcoming primary season. Time and time again, I’ve been impressed by Senator Cory Booker. His proposed reform of what it means to be a responsible gun owner in this country is among the reasons why.

His plan would enact policies that limit unlawful gun ownership, implement universal background checks, require licenses for gun owners, and more.

Senator Booker’s plan will save lives.

Please join me in supporting Senator Booker’s efforts to make this country safer for all Americans.

Yours truly,

Sue Fitzgerald
Exeter, NH

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