Letters: Plea to vote for our future, our children’s future and the earth’s future

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Last weekend we experienced unusual and record-setting temperatures. Boston reported an astounding two-day high of 70 degrees in January. Many of us thought “gosh, this is so nice. I wish we had more days like this.” As nice as it may have felt, we have to realize at a deeper level, this is not normal. This is not good.

These extremes in temperature are not a bonus; rather, they are a warning that something is not right.

Around the world, we see signs of devastation caused by these anomalies; from the heat-fueled wildfires currently ravaging Australia, the earthquake which hit an already embattled Puerto Rico, the volcanoes in Indonesia, India and France, the increased strength of hurricanes and tsunamis around the world, and more locally, the unprecedented outbreak of tornadoes in the southern U.S.

Studies have suggested a correlation between the melting of the earth’s glaciers, promoting movement of the subterranean magma, which is causing this increase in volcanic activity, earthquakes, and tidal events.

Now is the time to act. We must cap and decrease greenhouse emissions and find alternative means for our energy needs. We must invest in solar, hydro and wind resources.

This election season, please vote for the candidates, both locally and nationally, who understand these concerns and are determined to help end this cycle before it becomes apocalyptic.

I urge us all to vote for our future, our children’s future and the earth’s future.

Scott Lambert

Manchester, NH