Letters: One good turn deserves another

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Ever since Hope for Recovery Manchester moved into its spectacular new quarters at the old Hoitt Furniture building at the corner of Valley and Wilson I have been taking people downtown to the Market Basket because I had a car and it was too cold to walk that far.

In April of 2018 I totaled my car in an accident that did not hurt anyone.  Since at that point I was already three-quarters of a century old, I gave up driving and began taking the bus.  
No problem –> the #10 bus goes straight up Valley Street and stops at HOPE.  In that wretched snow storm on Tuesday, Nov. 20 we had a recovery meeting that included an individual that I used to drop downtown.
He moved into the Robinson House on Manchester Street— and will be looking for work as a skilled carpenter.  He is younger than I am by who knows how much but he is much more stable in his recovery than ever before.
He has a station wagon (my term) that he calls a van (his term) and for the first time in 46 years someone that I transported in early recovery transported me back downtown.
Janet Kelly, M.Ed.
Carpenter Center Resident since 2014