Letters: Manchester Schools – Why should I care?

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Dear Editor,

I’m a resident of Manchester who is child-free, but despite not having children in the Manchester School District, I still care about our school system. Not only in need of my support, but it’s also worthy of it, too. Why? Because we all stand to benefit from a strong school district. As a homeowner, I want my property value to increase. As a patron, I want our city to be fertile ground for small businesses—shops, cafes, restaurants—that make Manchester a great place to gather. As a professional, I want Manchester to continue to improve its economic stability by attracting reputable companies that bring quality jobs. None of this can happen if our school district is suffering. Strong, healthy schools are the foundation for a vibrant, thriving city.

This is why I care about the well-being of Manchester schools and this is why I encourage you to care, too. So, what can you do to show your support? Simply start by pledging to be more aware and more engaged. Evolve from “just a taxpayer” to an “education advocate” by paying attention to the actions our local and state elected officials do and don’t take on behalf of our students, teachers, and schools; including supporting a more equitable statewide funding formula. Hold them accountable by voting for candidates who recognize the fundamental connection between community, economy, and education, and who act accordingly to build up our school district.

Remember, strong healthy cities are built on a foundation of solid schools. Now more than ever, our students, teachers, and schools need those of us who might normally stand on the sidelines, to get engaged and to show we care. Together we have the collective ability to help the Manchester School District reach its full potential!

Christine Fajardo