Letters: Local elections are the most important 

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On November 2, Manchester residents have the great privilege of casting our ballots for Mayor, Aldermen, and Board of School Committee members. While these races may not feel as exciting as voting for President, in the grand scheme of things, the people we elect to these positions have more influence on our daily lives than the guy who lives in the White House ever will — yet I know a lot of people who will sit this election out because they just don’t think it’s that important.
Our local elected leaders make decisions and craft policies that hit us all closest to home. Does the President decide who picks up our trash? Or what is taught in our schools? Or how many police officers are on our streets? Or who fixes the darned potholes? Set your tax rate? NOPE! Our municipal government provides these essential services and our Mayor, and Alderman, and School Committee members make the decisions. It is not only our obligation but our privilege to decide who will be leading Manchester for the next several years.
It is also a privilege to serve our citizens, and that privilege must be earned. Over the past few years, I have been horrified at some of the behavior I have witnessed by some of our elected officials. The tantrums, name-calling, and lies debase their positions. It is time for a change, so I will be casting my ballot for Alderman At-Large for June Trisciani. She is a life-long Manchester resident, a former teacher, and a successful small business owner. She knows this city and her singular reason for running for office is to help Manchester achieve its great potential. Her business requires her to listen to ideas, collaborate, and then deliver.  I am confident that she will bring this same mindset of respect, pragmatism, and teamwork to her role as Alder(wo)man.
If you are tired of the status quo and are ready for a change, vote for June on November 2.
Allison Nussbaum
Manchester, NH

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Allison Nussbaum lives in Manchester, NH