Letters: Kevin Cavanaugh will protect reproductive freedom

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To the Editor:

We have never lived in a more precarious time for reproductive health care. That’s just one reason why Tuesday’s election matters so much.

It matters because we deserve leaders who understand the importance of protecting access to affordable health care. We deserve leaders who will support Manchester’s Planned Parenthood facility, and the patients it serves, by always standing up for Granite Staters’ right to make their own healthcare decisions. And we deserve leaders who will speak out when anti-abortion extremists threaten people who are simply trying to see their doctor.

Manchester’s next mayor will have the power to help protect reproductive freedom in our communities. But only if we elect someone who truly supports public health, and Granite Staters’ right to access the health care they need.

On this, Kevin Cavanaugh has a proven track record. He understands how our Planned Parenthood facility supports the health of our community. He knows how important it is to support Medicaid Expansion, fund family planning, and promote the safety of patients and providers through New Hampshire’s patient safety zone.

I’ll be voting for Kevin Cavanaugh on Tuesday because I know that he’ll always support access to good, affordable care, and my right to make my own health decisions.


Patty Cornell,


About this Author

Patty Cornell

Patty Cornell is a lifelong Manchester resident. Retired after 36 years as a Manchester middle school counselor, Patty served for 10 years as a state rep.