Letters: ‘I am damn glad that New Horizons was there for me when I needed help

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To the Editor:

About 4 years ago I became homeless in Manchester and New Horizons was where I went.

Maybe it was because I was simply glad to even have a place to stay in or maybe it was because I was clearly capable of seeing how hard the staff worked, the occasional conflicts that they had to remedy, but my stay there was one that is clearly etched in my memory, and while it may not have been always pleasant or what you would have desired, for good or bad I remember it clearly.
One memory that stands out was how many friends I made while I was there.
Sure, there were many people who were chronic assholes with no appreciation for the aid that they were receiving, but I met many kind, thoughtful, humorous and caring fellow homeless people that I immediately bonded with.
I wouldn’t wish homelessness on anyone, but I for one was damn glad that New Horizons was there for me when I needed help.
America is not an easy country to be poor in, regardless of what the plutocratic oligarchs say, and nearly everyone is a paycheck away from homelessness. Without places like New Horizons, there would be a whole lot more people sleeping on the streets.
And a whole lot more dead ones.
Jim Macauley

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