Letters: Good fences make good neighbors

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Good fences make good neighbors

At least that’s the way the saying goes. And for years that was the case between the elderly residents of the Varney School Apartments and the Sacred Heart Catholic Church on South Main Street.

Sacred Heart. Photo/Ken Hedderig

All that has ended, there is an eight-foot-high stockade fence that separates the two properties with a gate at the end. That gate made it easy for the elderly and disabled residents of the Varney to walk to church for services and to support the many church activities. That gate also made it easy for the residents to walk to the bank or pharmacy; all that good fellowship has ended with a simple padlock.

The church has seen fit to padlock the gate this week, essentially locking out elderly and disabled parishioners that reside at the Varney apartments. So much for brotherly love. Amen

Ken Hedderig
The Varney

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