Letters: Demand Gov. Sununu Veto SB 43 and preserve local control over land development

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To the Editor:

Most of us moved to NH for peace, quiet, and semi-rural living.

The NH legislature, in complete disregard of NH’s locals, passed NH SB 43 to “study barriers to increased density of land development in NH.”

The UL came out against creating a state-level board allowing developers to override local zoning decisions (HB 104, SB 306). The UL stood with us for local control. SB 43 would hand the fate of our towns over to a commission of biased pro-urbanists and special interests scheming to circumvent local control.

Call or write Governor Sununu and tell him that we find it quite outrageous that two members each of the Senate and House, Director Office Strategic Initiatives, Commissioner NHDES, Commissioner of Department of Business and Economic Affairs, Executive Director of the NHHFA, Executive Director of NH Legal Assistance, Executive Director of Housing Action NH, Representative of NHMA, Representative of NH Home Builders Association, Representative of NH Association of Regional Planning Commissions, Representative of NH Business and Industry Association, Representative of the Housing Subcommittee of Governor’s Millennial Commission, Representative of Society for the Protection of NH Forests, Nature Conservancy, NH Association of Conservation Commissions, Representative of the NH Association of Realtors, and a Member of American Council of Engineering Companies of NH, would be dreaming up more ways to interfere with local control.

The deck would be stacked against “two public members appointed by the Governor.” When do the townspeople have a say?

Demand Governor Sununu VETO SB 43.

Jane Aitken

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