Letters: Clean Energy Economy Act

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To the Editor:

While Fall has arrived here in New Hampshire, this is not the case for the rest of the country. According to the Weather Channel, between Tuesday and Thursday, this week 75 locations tied or set new high-temperature records. Eleven cities reached 100 degrees for the first time on record in October. Raleigh, NC, even recorded THE HOTTEST DAY OF THE YEAR on OCTOBER 3. This is not normal. This is Climate Change. It is here and the time to act is now!

I’m hopeful that the U.S. House of Representatives is considering extending and improving Clean Energy Tax Incentives. Federal tax policy is one of the most effective tools we have to accelerate the transition to clean sources of energy and quickly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions while increasing good-paying jobs in the Green Economy. By continuing to provide tax incentives for energy efficiency projects, wind and solar energy, energy storage, and electric vehicles we can continue working towards net-zero emissions. These tax incentives will complement the 100 percent Clean Energy Economy Act that will soon be introduced to the House as well. This piece of legislation will use the existing authority of Federal agencies to get started moving us away from fossil fuels while keeping the needs of the most vulnerable communities in mind.

Representatives Kuster and Pappas know that the time to respond to the climate crisis is now, so I want to ask them to co-sponsor the 100 percent Clean Energy Economy Act. Please!

Scott Lambert

Manchester, NH