Letters: Andrews is the most qualified, best choice for Congress (and it’s not even close)

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To the Editor:

I have built a policy career evaluating evidence to reach empirically-driven conclusions and recommendations. Until recently, I did this work at a bipartisan think tank in Washington, DC. But I was born and raised in this district (Madison) and have followed its Congressional representation closely. Since Carol Shea-Porter announced that she would not seek reelection, I’ve been concerned about the continuity of ardent and honest representation of this constituency, my friends and neighbors.

There are 11 candidates to choose from in the Democratic primary race. The headcount may overwhelm, but the evidence clearly points to one who is overwhelmingly more qualified than the rest of the pack: Naomi Andrews. Here’s why:

  • Ms. Andrews is the only candidate with Congressional experience. That experience would be significant in any year, but its import has swelled in proportion to the Constitutional crisis in which we are living. CD-1 needs someone who can be effective from day one, not year two. Ms. Andrews has been cultivating the deep legislative and procedural knowledge and the bipartisan relationships required to deliver tangible gains to Granite Staters for eleven years. The credentials of her opponents don’t come anywhere close.
  • She is a lifelong economic, social justice, women’s rights, and environmental activist. She is in this race for just one reason: to fight for the rest of us. She does not come from wealth or privilege, and is not a district-shopping opportunist. Her record speaks for itself.
  • She is a tested veteran of a tough swing district. As campaign manager for Shea-Porter, she has won this very difficult seat twice already. It is not a claim that any other candidate, or even either one of our current Senators, can stake.

I urge my fellow New Hampshirites to follow the evidence: vote for Naomi Andrews on Sept. 11th.


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