Letters: Amy Coney Barrett – ‘A woman for all Americans, she is not’

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Dear Editor,

Amy Coney Barrett, the nominee for the vacancy left in the US Supreme Court by Ruth Bader Ginsburg, has a list of achievements and accolades that make her enticing for members of the Republican party.  During the unmasked, socially close announcement in the Rose Garden on Saturday, September 26, 2020 she talked about her family, her work and gave a brief outline of how she will take on her role as Supreme Court Justice.  This nominee is smart and clearly well-liked.   A woman for all Americans she is not however.

Barrett has shown favor to anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-gun-safety and anti-ACA legislation in the past and while she has not come outright and given any indication as to her plans for these issues going forward, her past record speaks volumes. We have reproductive rights and freedoms, LGBTQ+ and health care protections now, and going back on them would be detrimental to all people in our country. The timing of this nomination is particularly concerning, with President Trump and Senate Republicans trying to rush through a nomination even as Americans are already starting to vote and expecting to be able to weigh in on the direction of our country. Then there is the ACA lawsuit immediately after the election, where the health care of millions of Americans hangs in the balance. With Barrett as the ninth Supreme Court Judge we will be at risk of losing the rights and protections that make our country great on a daily basis.

Marcella Termini
Manchester, NH


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