Letter: We need representatives who know NH

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To the Editor:

Here we go again with district shopping candidates aka carpetbaggers. Maura Sullivan, an Illinois native who arrived in NH from DC last summer, who has no connection to the state, is running for the First District seat in Congress.

Back in March, NHPR had a revealing story on Ms. Sullivan’s district shopping:

“…Sullivan reached out and sought meetings with Illinois political heavyweights as she considered moving back to her home state [Illinois] to run for Congress. I’m told she was actually considering two Illinois districts: The 6th and the 3rd.” She sought a meeting with Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), who “encouraged Sullivan to run for Congress in Illinois’s 6th district.” The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) was “considering Sullivan for those two districts in Illinois as well as Virginia’s 10th district.” (The DCCC has a history of trying to choose our candidates for us, like when they interfered in the 2006 NH1 primary on behalf of one of Carol Shea-Porter’s primary opponents.)

I’ll be voting for Democratic candidate Naomi Andrews, who grew up in Epping, knows our national and state issues, and has been working as Shea-Porter’s Chief of Staff for much of the last decade. She ran two of Carol’s winning comeback campaigns, and she won in a district Trump won. Her many years of experience in Congress and personal relationships here and in DC mean she’ll arrive ready and immediately effective.

Annette Sell
Nottingham, NH