LETTER: Soule has outstanding reputation

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To The Editor:

Please consider this a strong letter of support for Ms. Karen Soule who is applying for a position as a member of the Board of School Committee of Manchester. I have had the pleasure of knowing Ms. Soule as a professional educator for over 20 years. Ms. Soule’s professional reputation is outstanding in the State of New Hampshire as both a principal and superintendent of schools. Her work represents her ability to articulate a clear vision for learning and community engagement. Ms. Soule has excellent communication skills expressed in her ability to listen and work with others and be an adept, active problem solver.

Karen collaborates with educators and community members to set high levels of academic expectations for all students.  She is culturally and linguistically responsive to the needs of all children and families. Karen is reflective and thoughtful in dealing with current issues facing public schools. Her knowledge, skills and disposition reflect her deep commitment to students. She has demonstrated the ability to make a difference in the quality of education through a long history of excellence in administration in the State of New Hampshire.

It is without exception that I recommend Ms. Karen Soule be re-elected to the Manchester Board of School Committee.  Her knowledge and character will truly be an asset to the Board’s vision for all student’s to achieve academic success.  Ms. Soule’s dedication to public education will help to inspire and empower all learners.


Virginia M. Barry, Ph.D.

Bridgewater, NH

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