LETTER: Seeking support for youth football team, our state champs, against all odds

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In a time where all you read about when you look at  the news or pick up a paper is the bad and sad things happening to the youth of America I would like to share a little story with you about a youth football team called the Manchester East Cobras U11.

This team is made up of 10- and 11-year-old boys from diverse backgrounds, several of these boys have suffered the heartbreaking loss of their dads over the past several months.  But you pit all these kids on a football field the beginning of August 2018 and they became a family and the magic began! This team is headed my head coach Matt McDonald and several amazing assistant coaches.  These men dedicate so much time on and off the field to these boys –  they are also like dads to these boys.

These boys are the reigning NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!  They put Manchester NH on the map for youth football.  Now lets zoom ahead to this season.  These boys finished their season 7-0  no team has beat them. They went on to win the State Championship and further to the regional semi-finals this past Sunday where they beat the Connecticut state champs.  This Sunday they take on a team from Worchester Massachusetts to clinch the Regional Championship!  IF they win this Sunday, the boys are heading to Florida to defend their national championship title.

These families cannot afford this expenditure and we need help getting these great kids to Florida.  I am reaching out to you to see if you would salute these kids and help us out.  If by maybe highlighting this team some local businesses would help them it would be an amazing gift.


Rene Rheault

#32 Nana

Manchester East Cobras U11 Football Team