Letter: ‘Please wear a mask to vote in person’

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I’m going to put it out there, since our current Governor will not issue a mask mandate for our State. The current Governor did issue Emergency Order #63 (mask mandate for groups of 100+). But according to the “people in charge,” this EO #63 does not apply to polling locations for the upcoming election.

If you plan on voting in the Primary election, in person, on Sept.8 – please wear a mask when entering your polling location and while voting. If you won’t wear a mask – then please vote absentee ballot.

We have to handle those possibly compromised ballots differently. We are dedicated poll workers who will be masked and taking every precaution available to stay safe from COVID-19. We are people who live in your neighborhoods. Most of us are 60+. We have families. We have regular jobs. Please vote absentee ballot and keep everyone safe.


NH State Rep. Heidi Hamer, D-Hillsborough District 17

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