Letter: Notter Needs to Follow the Rules

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To the Editor:

One of Merrimack’s state reps, Jeanine Notter, signed a letter stating that she intends to violate a NH House rule that bans guns from the part of the State House called Representatives Hall, despite the fact that she can carry her gun into the State House and into every other room, hallway, office, etc. in our Capitol building.

What message does this send to our children? That if you don’t agree with a rule, it’s okay to disobey it? This rule, which was in effect from 1971-2011 and again in 2013-2014, was passed with a clear majority of state representatives and in compliance with House rulemaking procedure. Does Rep. Notter think it’s okay to carry her gun in court, on planes, and in the myriad of other places where they are banned just because she may want to?

Of course, she’s not taking this to court, where civilized and responsible Americans seek redress, because she knows it is Constitutional and well within the rights of the NH House.

Merrimack residents deserve a lot better from her.

State Rep. Rosemarie Rung, D-Merrimack

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