Letters: City police associations challenge Sullivan assertions

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Citizens of Manchester,

It has been brought to our attention that Ms. Sullivan has made comments in today’s Union Leader regarding communication between Manchester Police Department and the residents of our great city! Up until this point, we haven’t spoken out on this topic — but enough is enough.

For the months leading up to the primary and now the general election, we have met with several candidates across many different offices and from both parties. We met with Mayor Craig as well as Rich Girard.

However, we have not heard a single word from Ms. Sullivan. One thing that has been evident is one candidate’s lack of “communication.” Ms. Sullivan never reached out to the men and women of the Manchester Police Department who are on the streets every day protecting this great city. Ms. Sullivan even released a Public Safety Plan….. that does not talk about public safety. This is greatly concerning to us.

During this same time period, Mayor Craig has been in contact with leadership from both the Manchester Police Patrolman’s Association as well as Manchester Association of Police Supervisors. Mayor Craig shows the direct line of “communication” that Ms. Sullivan speaks about. Ms. Sullivan’s lack of communication is a concern.

We, the members of Manchester Police Patrolman’s Association and the members of the Manchester Association of Police Supervisors, are greatly concerned with the behavior set forth from Ms. Sullivan’s campaign. The individuals she has aligned herself with, as well as representing Manchester Police Department in a negative light on a recent campaign commercial, is concerning and we strongly believe Manchester residents need to know what is going on. What Ms. Sullivan is saying, and what she is actually doing, are very different things.

In closing, Ms. Sullivan has been completely dismissive of our hard work to curb crime and uses victims of crime to further her agenda. Her constant negativity towards this great city is unacceptable. The Manchester Police Patrolman’s Association and the Manchester Association of Police Supervisors take pride in Manchester’s safety and its citizens!

Manchester Police Patrolman’s Association Executive Board
Manchester Association of Police Supervisors Executive Board

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