Letter: Green is the new Red, White and Blue

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In the race for U.S. Congress in New Hampshire’s First Congressional District (NH-1), there is only one candidate who carries the mantle of Rachel Carson, Bill McKibben, and the long heritage of American environmental concern, and that is environmental scientist Mindi Messmer.

Currently a very productive and successful state representative in the New Hampshire legislature (in terms of bills both introduced and passed), Mindi carries forth the mantle of Thoreau, of John Muir, of Aldo Leopold, of Rachel Carson, and of Bill McKibben, among so many other environmental conservationists.

My own 43 years as a Professor of Environmental Conservation at UNH tells me that she is the “green” candidate in this crowded field. And today, “green” is the new “red, white and blue.” If we don’t address climate change, if we don’t keep fossil fuels in the ground, if we don’t eliminate toxins in the environment, in our water, our soil, our air, if we don’t have clean water to drink and a planet to live on, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.

Mindi would likely be Rachel Carson’s choice. And she is mine.

Let’s get behind Mindi.

John E. Carroll
Professor Emeritus of Environmental Conservation
University of New Hampshire

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