Last undefeated rikishi loses on Day 7

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Was this grab legal? The judges said yes. (screenshot)

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FUKUOKA, JAPAN – The last undefeated rikishi in November’s sumo basho is now gone, providing a tight race atop the tournament leaderboard.

Takakeisho became the first komisubi to begin a tournament with a 6-0 record since 1993, but could not get a seventh straight November win, falling by hatakikomi to Mitakeumi.

A sekiwake, Mitakeumi came into his bout with Takakeisho with a 3-3 record and immediately took initiative, pushing Takakeisho to the edge of the dohyo.

Takakeisho slipped to the left, and Mitakeumi’s momentum almost sent him flying, but the two re-engaged and Mitakeumi eventually emerged victorious after asserting a strong downward thrust onto Takakeisho’s upper neck.

The judges held a mono-ii to confirm that Mitakeumi did not grab the top knot of Takakeisho’s hair, which is illegal, but confirmed that the thrust only touched the bottom portion of Takakeisho’s hair and not the top knot.

Takakeisho now joins a pair of maegashira, Onosho and Daiesho, in the tournament lead at 6-1. Onosho had a convincing oshidashi victory against the Mongolian Arawashi while Daiesho grabbed his sixth straight win against Abi, also through oshidashi.

Behind the three leaders, five rikishi are still in the hunt at 5-2.