Last call: 4 ways to help keep the local independent news flowing in 2022

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MANCHESTER, NH – Tonight the sun will set for the last time in 2021 on the Queen City. It has been a tumultuous year – as in “excited, confused and disorderly” by strict definition of the word.

Since 2014 Manchester Ink Link has been here chronicling the ups and downs of life in Manchester. Our readership has blossomed in the past few years, as it takes time for new things to settle in. We believe the biggest reason behind our news site’s success is that readers trust us. We work very hard to remain objective in our reporting. We let our readers editorialize about the things they feel passionate about via our Point of View section. We report on municipal meetings as they happen.

Manchester NH Police Logs
Our MPD “easy button” takes you to a page with updated police information and data.

We strive to bring you first-hand information that is verified. We follow-up on police press releases by attending court proceedings. We don’t want to sensationalize the every day crime that happens our state’s largest city; rather, we hope to give you as much information as we can gather to help you understand the root causes of crime, and punishment. We do provide an “easy button” to police news that is one of the most-read sections on our site. We get that people want to know why police are in their neighborhoods. But the whole story takes time, and resources, to report on.


In October we softly launched a fundraiser, Manchester Rising. Our goal was to raise $100,000. That is the equivalent of two salaried reporters. Expanding our capacity to report on our city is still our goal. We will continue to raise money in 2022 to support this goal. Thanks to more than 100 readers we’ve raised close to $15,000 as of this writing. That’s incredible. That’s a testament to how important news and information is to our community.

Tonight, I will be spending a quiet evening with my husband. We may go out for some Chinese food, but we will mostly stay close to home. It feels like a good year to reflect on where we’ve been and where we’re heading. I hope that you will have time to pause and reflect on 2021 and consider what you’re looking forward to in 2022.

If you long to feel more connected, I invite you to engage with Manchester Ink Link in a deeper way in 2022. We are not a newspaper; we are a hub where all things Manchester connect. We want to reflect the stories that matter to those who are interested in community building, in improving on the status quo. We’re looking for dedicated readers and supporters who understand that what we offer here is a chance to be more involved and engaged, to press for truth and transparency, for solutions and understanding.

If you’re ready to do more in 2022, here are some simple ways you can help:

Screen Shot 2015 02 14 at 9.21.17 PM1) Sign up for our daily eNews. It’s free and it’s delivered to your email every morning at 6 a.m. Click here to sign up now. Why it matters: The future of social media, Facebook and other platforms is not clear, but we know that there are algorithms that affect what you see in your news feed. Subscribing to our newsletter means you will get the daily headlines delivered directly to you – and each newsletter begins with a personal note from yours truly, a little insight into the human side of running a daily news site.


2) Become a VIP (Virtual Inklink Patron). This is not a newspaper subscription; it’s more like membership in a fun club – with perks! Members received a VIP card that unlocks special discounts to your favorite local businesses. You also receive a monthly newsletter, an invitation to join us for monthly social gatherings, and – if we can move past COVID, some really important community discussions on topics that matter to you most. There are three tiers – Ally, Angel and Atlas – you decide what it means to you to keep the daily news flowing and pick accordingly. Click here to join our VIP program. Why it matters: Our news is free for all, but it’s not free to produce. We pay professional journalists and community columnists to cover stories in our community and contribute useful columns. And although our overhead is much less than your father’s newspaper there are still many costs associated with operating an online news site, including plug-ins, security updates, monthly upkeep and expanded features – such as our soon-to-be-launched “Biz” sub-site, which will include a business directory and classified advertising options. VIP memberships help defray the everyday costs of running a reliable and trusted news site.

You have DIY Power3) Advertise your business with us. We are here to help small local businesses get the word out and succeed. Our ad rates are reasonable and you benefit from our strong SEO (Seach Engine Optimization) as well as our high ranking on Google. Click here to learn more. Why it matters: We have no paywall, so the 200,000+ monthly unique readers who come to our site will see your ad, which raises your visibility and credibility. We are about relationships, and once we are in your corner we will always work hard to help you in every way we can. When you succeed we all succeed.

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4) Make a tax-deductible contribution to Manchester Ink Link before the stroke of midnight. The window to do this ends at midnight on Dec. 31, 2021. But all money raised will go directly to pay reporters to bring you more of the stories you want to read. Click here to make a contribution. Every dollar helps. Why it matters: We are a small local business. We work seven days a week to keep up with the news that matters. We are a small operation – we have one paid full-time reporter and several freelance reporters. It’s just not enough. Your contribution to this one-time fundraiser will help us do more for you.


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