Know your stuff? Join in Aug. 16 when Jupiter Hall presents a night of trivia, music and prizes

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Songstress Alli Beaudry, left, and hubby Bill Seney will combine forces for a musical trivia night at Jupiter Hall on Aug. 16. Photo/Carol Robidoux

MANCHESTER, NH – Jupiter Hall is hosting a trivia night on Aug. 16, a first for the venue’s proprietors, Daniel and Katie Berube. Also a first for Bill and Alli Seney. Sort of.

You see, Bill Seney and his partner in trivia, Cody Booth, are veterans on the trivia circuit. And Alli Seney is an established musician and songstress, better known by her stage name, Alli Beaudry. But on Friday, they will all join forces for a night of musical entertainment and trivial pursuits, which promises to be a fun night out for everyone who shows up to test their knowledge of random facts, including the Seneys. 

But while they are both in their comfort zones, it’s the first time they will share the spotlight for an event that incorporates all the things they love – music, trivia, beer – and fun nights out.

“We’re really inspired by shows on NPR like Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me! and Prairie Home Companion,” says Alli Seney. “I never listened to NPR until I met Bill, but the long drives between college campuses we listened to NPR and loved taking little road trips in the mornings while listening to Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me! It’s funny how all these worlds collide.”

For Friday’s trivia night, Alli Beaudry will be doing what she does best, providing live musical clues for the music trivia rounds, as well as some musical interludes along with her house band, which will include the multi-talented Cody Booth who will drop the mic and pick up the drum sticks, and her cousin, Nick Phaneuf on upright bass.  And for the price of admission ($25) players will also enjoy the ultimate in game-night food fare – pizza, popcorn, peanuts, pretzels, and pours of featured brews from Candia Road Brewing Company

Daniel Berube says the event is a chance to showcase the versatility of Jupiter Hall. 

“We’ve always wanted to do something like this that allows us to use the space in a different way but combines what we do here, sort of like a variety show,” he says. 

It promises to be all at once interactive, entertaining and engaging – like trivia night on steroids at a jazz club.  And the Berubes have been working all week tweaking the technology for their projection screen for the visual round. 

Although it’s all mostly fun and games, there is always a competitive edge when teams get together for a night of trivia. According to Bill Seney, there really is no way to prepare for trivia night. Those who know they have a knack for unusual or obscure knowledge, or have total recall when it comes to bands from the 1980s, already know they have what it takes. 

In the end, it’s like going to the casino. Lady luck will smile on you, or not. Sometimes you win and sometimes, it’s just not your night.

“It all comes down to the questions,” Bill Seney says, adding a pro tip, “Oh, and the answer is always Janis Joplin.”

He has also learned through experience that team trivia nights can be challenging – there can be trust issues when one player thinks they know the right answer, and a teammate thinks otherwise. 

“The loudest voice isn’t always the rightest,” he says, with a wisdom one only gains from being the Trivia Dungeon Master during countless rounds of competitive trivia. 

Another bonus: There will be fabulous prizes – gift cards to the Chop House and the Bridge Cafe, tickets to a future concert at Jupiter Hall, some swag from Candia Road Brewing Co., and two seats on the ManchVegas Brew Bus, a mobile beer-night-out venture the Seney’s launched last year.

But those who play know it’s not all about winning.

“It’s an atmosphere that creates itself. You’ll be entertained, challenged and you’ll also enjoy some great music,” Bill Seney says.

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Fine Print for Trivia Night Live:

Maximum of 5 per team and $25 per person. Price includes special pours from Candia Road Brewing Company and trivia food including fresh hot popcorn! Doors open at 6:30 p.m. – show starts at 7 p.m.!

Players will experience an exciting combination of trivia challenges, live music, special pours & amazing prizes! Compete with friends over seven exciting rounds of trivia including Spotlight Round with the Band; Audio Round with the Alli Beaudry Band and, of course, a Visual Round. Bring your Geek Squad – Bill & Cody will bring the questions!

Jupiter Hall is located at 89 Hanover St. If you have any questions please contact Katie Bérubé at or call 603-289-4661.


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