Klobuchar joins Shaheen at campaign stop

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Amy Klobuchar on Oct. 27, 2020. Photo/Andrew Sylvia

SALEM, N.H. –  In her first visit since the New Hampshire Democratic Primary, U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) joined colleague Jeanne Shaheen in the backyard of Salem Democratic Town Committee Chair Janet Breslin-Smith on Tuesday, reminding a group of assembled activists of the importance of next week’s election.

Klobuchar praised Shaheen for her advocacy on behalf of the Granite State in Washington, stating at times Shaheen could be fierce opponent behind closed doors on certain issues when fighting for New Hampshire issues, even with colleagues. Klobuchar also drew a sharp contrast between the responsibility of Joe Biden and the irresponsibility of Donald Trump.

“We know that our democracy cannot handle another four more years of a president that bulldozes through it,” she said. “Our decency and dignity cannot handle another four more years of a president who disrespects it.”

Jeanne Shaheen on Oct. 27, 2020. Photo/Andrew Sylvia

Shaheen also attacked Trump, particularly in regard to Monday’s confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court, stating that now a variety of issues such as the Affordable Care Act is now for all intents and purposes on the ballot.

“We cannot go back to a time that says people with pre-existing conditions can be kicked off of their health insurance, that they’re going to be limited in the amount of help they’re going to get from health insurance companies, that women are going to have to pay more because we’re women,” she said. “None of that is what we want to go back to and that’s why this election is so important.”

Shaheen and Klobuchar said that a pending case before the Supreme Court in the week after Election Day could lead to legislative action by Senate Democrats if the Affordable Care Act is partially or totally demolished.

Shaheen declined to support adding new justices to the Supreme Court, but joined Klobuchar in advocating for reform of the court. Klobuchar also noted a proposed commission and Shaheen referenced a review of judicial ethical policies.

“What’s at stake here, and this is what’s so important, is an eroding of the credibility of the American people in the institutions of democracy and the Supreme Court is critical to that,” said Shaheen. “If people believe that the Supreme Court is politicized in a way that affects their decisions, that is very bad for democracy and it undermines our country.”

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