Kick compost to the curb: ‘Food scrap go-getters’ Bootstrap Compost brings premium service to Manchester 

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PVD Assistant Director; Renata Kharitonenkov; Co-founder & COO Igor Kharitonenkov; and Development Coordinator Carla Doughty. Courtesy Photo

MANCHESTER, NH – Since quietly launching service in Manchester 13 months ago, Bootstrap Compost has diverted 5,000 pounds of organic material from the New Hampshire waste stream. These compostables — which include meat, bones, seafood, produce, and other common kitchen waste — will go on to create over 2,500 pounds of future “black gold” for enriching soil at farms, community gardens and backyard gardening projects throughout the Granite State; all while eliminating the emission of hundreds of pounds of harmful methane gas and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. 

Partnering with local farms in their respective markets of Manchester, Worcester, Boston, Providence, and the Berkshires, the company diverts approximately 4,000 pounds of organic material from landfills every day. (Since 2011, the company has collected and processed 8.5 million pounds of organic material.)

As a result, the company is harnessing the potential of organic refuse to redefine and empower local food communities. The farms benefit from the compost in the production of crops while each Bootstrap subscriber receives a portion of compost (up to 30 pounds annually) for their own gardening projects. The remaining compost — a nutrient-rich soil amendment key to increasing crop yield and health — is donated to schools and community gardens. 

Now here’s how it works: Bootstrap Compost provides residential subscribers with a sanitized 5-gallon bucket, compostable liner and lid. Customers then fill the bucket with food scraps, leftovers and other organic material (paper towels, plant trimmings, etc.); Bootstrap staffers pick up the full bucket and drop off a clean one. Service is $15 per visit for biweekly service (Bootstrap is only offering biweekly service to NH households at this time). 


Now through Feb. 1, Bootstrap is offering a one-year subscription of its “white glove” service at 20 percent off. 

“To anyone interested in upping their sustainability game in 2022, our Scrappy New Year promo is a pretty convenient inroad,” says Bootstrap CEO Andy Brooks. Brooks, meanwhile, is eager to hear from Manchester residents, educators and growers. He can be reached at

To check out the Scrappy New Year subscription sale visit our site here

To learn more about Bootstrap, including the company’s commitment to community, compost education, fair wages and social inclusion, visit


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