Kelley​ ​Stelling​ ​Contemporary​ ​presents​ ​its​ ​December​ ​exhibition, ‘Small Kingdoms’

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MANCHESTER, NH – “Small​ ​Kingdoms”​ may seem like an odd title for a show by three accomplished 3D artists. But Jamie​ ​Johnston,​ ​Boyan​ ​Moskov​ ​and​ ​Don​ ​Williams​ have each staked unique territory in their quest for self-expression. Each artist’s work represents a singular vision that takes you into their special and extraordinary worlds.

Don Williams Standing Vessel.

Don​ ​Williams​’ wall pieces and sculptures play with the intersection of architecture and landscape. Clay is often combined with found objects, whether from the town dump or the beach. These works are particularly relevant in this period of history, evoking something pulled from the rubble of a ruined building in Aleppo, or a maquette for a half-built, never realized monument. They are fragments and memories, distillations of places both natural and manmade.

Jamie Johnstone sculpture.

Jamie​ ​Johnston’s​ meticulous, mesmerizing wall pieces present a different kind of terrain. Their precision reflects the skills of a master carpenter who finds a form that interests him, and then executes it with elegance and a keen eye for detail. His many years of furniture design and construction inform these pieces. He is particularly fascinated with the visual relationship of surface to edge and the contrast of strong color to the natural grain of specialty woods.

Boyan Moskov Organic Wavy Bowl .

Boyan​ ​Moskov’​s journey began in Bulgaria, where he first learned his ceramic skills. He has found unlikely refuge in Hopkinton, where he has set up camp with his kiln and his family. Like the artist, Moskov’s work is direct and honest. It creates an immediate relationship with the viewer, urging you to engage. In his words, “When I create work, I don’t want it to interfere with its surroundings. My objects are simple and elegant with clean lines. At the same time, they stand bold and strong. A beautiful accent, not a distraction.”

There will be an artists’ reception at the gallery on Thursday, December 14, 2017 from 5:30 to 7 p.m. The show runs through January 14, 2018.

Kelley Stelling Contemporary is located at 221 Hanover Street, Manchester NH 03104.