Kamen to the rescue: 45 tons of PPE on its way from China to New Hampshire

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PPE shipment being loaded in Shanghai, China, before takeoff to New Hampshire. Courtesy Photo

CONCORD, NH — A delivery of 91,000 pounds of personal protective equipment (PPE) will land in New Hampshire Sunday at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport thanks to connections there with New Hampshire businessman and inventor Dean Kamen.

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The FedEx cargo plane departed Shanghai, China, Saturday night and is wheels up to New Hampshire after passing through U.S. customs in Anchorage, Alaska, early Sunday morning.

A news conference is scheduled later today called by Governor Chris Sununu, Dean Kamen, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, and state officials to meet the plant on the tarmac.

The State of New Hampshire is purchasing the entire shipment of PPE and will be distributing supplies to the areas of greatest need across the state as part of its ongoing effort to respond to the COVID19 global pandemic. The state will not be charging those that receive shipments.

The plane is currently expected to land at about 4:12 p.m. The flight path can be tracked here via FlightAware.

Workers loading 45 metric tons of PPE for delivery to New Hampshire from China. Courtesy Photo

Said Sununu, “One month ago New Hampshire wasn’t even in the business of PPE procurement, and today we secured 45 metric tons of this critical lifesaving equipment for our state. We worked around the clock, scoured the earth, and left no stone unturned to ensure New Hampshire has the resources it needs to combat this pandemic. Huge thanks to Dean Kamen for facilitating this effort, and all others who worked tirelessly to make it a reality — I couldn’t be prouder.”

Shaheen also thanked Kamen for orchestrating the delivery.

“This plane is delivering lifesaving personal protective equipment which will be immediately distributed to the brave Granite Staters who are on the frontlines of this crisis,” said Shaheen. “I congratulate and thank Dean Kamen for spearheading this heroic effort. Our State has not been receiving the PPE it needs and is running dangerously low on supplies. Thanks to Dean Kamen’s leadership, we are all a little safer today. This pandemic will continue to require all of us to sacrifice and think outside the box, and I’m tremendously grateful to all the Granite Staters who are rising to this challenge.”

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