June 18: Cooking with Selina, a Juneteenth Soul Food Cooking Show

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Selina Choate

On a small scale, food ties us to memories of our childhood and our families. On a larger scale, food connects us to an important part of our culture and the expression of our cultural identity.

With a focus on the history of Soul Food and Soul Music, this year’s Juneteenth Celebration offers a series of engaging, informative, and entertaining programs that examine the connection between food and historical events in the Black community.

Enter Selina Choate, who will focus on African American cuisine.

Soul Food, is one of the most popular and recognizable types of cooking in the United States. It was birthed in the deep South from a history of enslavement, relentless racism, and ingenuity. Forced to live off scraps from their enslavers, enslaved Africans blended African and American cultural traditions, techniques, and certain ingredients to create incredibly delicious and culturally unique dishes.

Join Choate in her home kitchen for this live demonstration to see how she puts her own twist on an authentic Soul Food meal.

Recipes available to preview on our website: http://blackheritagetrailnh.org/2020-juneteenth-celebration-food-for-the-body-food-for-the-soul/