This guy is Jewelry-Finder Man: A vacationing superhero detector detective

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Kristine Carney of New York City stands with Marc Mercier, at left, of Manchester, NH, and shows off her engagement and wedding rings found Aug. 19 by Mercier, who was on vacation with his family.
Kristine Carney of New York City with Marc Mercier, left, of Manchester, showing off her engagement and wedding rings found Aug. 19 by Mercier, who was on vacation with his family.

MANCHESTER, NH – What do you call a guy on vacation at the shore with a metal detector?

In this case, you call him Jewelry-Finder Man, although Marc Mercier would debate his superhero status.  But he sure was a hero at Ocean City earlier this month for a few beach-goers in distress, thanks to his waterproof all-terrain CTX 3030 Minelab metal detector.

In all, Mercier recovered seven rings and two earrings during his week stay at Ocean City in early August.

“I didn’t expect to find that many pieces of jewelry, but there’s nothing better than giving back someone something they never thought they’d see again,” said Mercier, who is back home in Manchester now, where he is VP of operations for Maritime Program Group, on Elm Street, a wholesale insurance group based in Connecticut.

According to a story about Mercier published at, most of the rings he recovered were for people who’d solicited his help after seeing him combing the sand with his detector, including Kristine Carney of New York City.

After several hours, Mercier detected her wedding and engagement rings, which had sunk several inches into the sand after they fell out of her beach bag.

One special find was a 1969 Villanova class ring which Mercier detected under 8-inches of wet sand. He did his own detective work and was able to find the owner,  Tom Cugini of Chester County, Pa.

“That was pretty amazing. He had worn that ring for 46 years, and I was able to return it to him,” Mercier said.

You can read the story about Mercier here at


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