Opinion: Is there one major flaw in the US Constitution?

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Manchester Ink Link Reader Submission

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Rarely do I express political opinions on public forums. This opinion, I believe, transcends politics because it’s inarguable that our two-party system is broken. Judging from the far right, far left and centrist friends I have in business and on Facebook (hundreds on all sides), We the People, actually agree on more than we disagree, and we’ve all been barking up the wrong trees, every election cycle for many decades.

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Political gamesmanship may have had its day, but power does indeed corrupt and so does love of money. That corruption is now so egregious in government, big business and the two party system that it’s existentially endangering our kids’ welfare and potential livelihoods. Leaders in these institutions must stop caring for their own interests and start serving those who elect them; their hopeful and often loyal constituents.

Servant-leadership is the only true leadership. Lording power over people breeds real injustice as we’re seeing in our streets, and I’m not talking about the kind Al Sharpton, proven serial liar, would have you believe. Who speaks for the minority business owners whose stores were looted and shuttered in the recent Ferguson, MO., riots? Do their lives and futures matter? When cops do target innocent people, then the heavy hand of justice needs to come down especially hard on them because they are given great power and entrusted with it to serve and protect, not to intimidate.

Founding Fathers and their original intent.
Founding Fathers and their original intent.

The founders of this country never intended politics to be a lifelong career, but rather temporary terms of public SERVICE, with people of all professions and skill sets elected to represent a diverse population of Americans.

If there is a flaw in our Constitution, I believe it’s the lack of codified and enforced congressional term limits.

We the People who support party-backed nominees because of party affiliation are the ones to blame for all of our country’s (and I believe the world’s) increasing systemic problems. Democrats are not the answer. Neither are Republicans. Too many who were elected in 2010 and 2014 to be a loyal opposition to the current administration’s policies are feckless frauds and colluding with Democrats, in case you haven’t noticed. By the way, I renounced my former affiliation with the GOP years ago, and am now totally convinced that being a registered Independent is my true political identity.

The GOP and DNC leadership care only about “what” they’re doing and have no conception of why they’re doing it. If there is a “why” among them, it’s to share wealth and power, and to protect it for themselves; chiefly to get rich. Most of The People on the left, right, and center are barking up the wrong trees, and sadly, most will do as they’re told by the dominant media and party bosses.

Unless… unless we hold them accountable at the ballot box. It’s my opinion that we need to fire those officials who would serve themselves at the expense of The People whom they’re elected to serve. So many of us, sadly, have been brainwashed into supporting the same failures and their reckless policies over and over again!


Chuck Sink
Chuck Sink

Chuck Sink is a marketing consultant from Contoocook and operates his own business, Chuck Sink Link, specializing in brand strategy, websites, social media and content strategies. He is also an adjunct professor at his alma mater, Plymouth State University, where he teaches an undergraduate course in Organizational Communications for the college of business. Contact Chuck via his website: www.chucksink.com


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