Is #TakeoutTuesday still a thing?

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Is #TakeoutTuesday still a thing?

I hope so. Our experience last night was one of pure delight. Not wanting to cook and not really wanting to trudge around on a cold snowy night, my wife and I agreed to settle on take out. Our local businesses need us and we followed the fine example set by publisher Carol Robidoux who regularly supports our local establishments and writes about them frequently in her morning newsletter.

Elm Street photo by keith spiro

We chose Firefly American Bistro at 22 Concord St. We’ve eaten there before and have always enjoyed the ambiance as well as the food.  We wondered how a winter drive-thru experience would compare. The menu appealed to us as did the promise of curbside pickup. Of note, they offer free delivery within 8 miles of the restaurant with a $50+ purchase but we wanted an excuse to get out even if it were just for cruising a short stint down Elm Street.

My spouse selected the Pan Seared Sea Scallops and I chose the Eggplant Napoleon. We called in the order just after 6 p.m. and happily learned it would only be 20 minutes till pick-up time. The process was fast and easy. Everything was paid for by phone and the masked hostess brought the order right outside to our car window reinforcing all the good feelings we had about giving a good tip. The mutual “Thank-yous” and smiles not diminished by the masks that remained between us.

Dinner was excellent, as we fully expected. The nice surprise, however, was the note waiting for us inside the bag.

In this one message, the staff and management conveyed the importance of and the continuing connection between them and us. I write and teach regularly about business and marketing and so I took special delight in unboxing the package.

firefly assemblage photo by keith spiro

Here was a thoughtfully put-together message that extended the opportunity for connection to Valentine’s Day and quite frankly, well beyond any singular foodie occasion. I found the whole thing both fitting and appropriate. In a nice way, they connected with me and conferred that optimistic smile and business proposition while making us feel like an important part of the business. Indeed we all are.


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