Introducing Manchester Ink Link’s first ever set of candidate endorsements

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This Tuesday, voters in Manchester and the rest of New Hampshire head to the polls to select Democratic and Republican nominees that will appear on General Election ballots in November.

Once again, Manchester Ink Link has produced a guide to help voters in Manchester learn more about the candidates seeking election this fall at

However, this time we’re doing something we’ve never done before: issue candidate endorsements.

Unlike the endorsements from most publications, our endorsements are not predicated on policy. Manchester Ink Link aims to be a news source for people in Manchester of all political persuasions and we strive to maintain as much objectivity as possible in our pursuit of that goal, something that could be threatened by a “traditional” endorsement.

Still, there is one adage that we believe here at Manchester Ink Link that we think everyone in Manchester can agree with: “the world is run by those who show up.”

The list of candidates below that we are endorsing in 2022 are those who responded to our voter guide questionnaire and thus we believe will put in the effort to do the job, be transparent and be responsive if they are elected.

By no means that does indicate that we think any candidate not on this list does not hold those qualities. For any candidate that obtains their party nomination on Tuesday but has not submitted their answers to our voter guide questionnaire, we still welcome your contribution to our voter guide. You can obtain more information by e-mailing

In future years, it is our hope that every candidate running for public office in Manchester can earn this endorsement by helping us provide information to Manchester residents seeking to determine who should receive their vote and helping us keep Manchester residents informed of important issues facing our city, state and country if they are elected.


  • Tom Sherman (D)
  • Chris Sununu (R)

U.S. Senate

  • Maggie Hassan (D)
  • Paul Krautmann (D)
  • Andy Martin (R)

U.S. House of Representatives

  • Karoline Leavitt (R)
  • Matt Mowers (R)
  • Chris Pappas (D)

Executive Council District 4

  • Kevin Cavanaugh (D)

N.H. Senate District 16 (Ward 1)

  • Michael Yakubovich (R)

N.H. Senate District 18 (Wards 5,6,7,8,9)

  • Ross Terrio (R)

N.H. Senate District 20 (Wards 2,3,4,10,11,12)

  • Lou D’Allesandro (D)
  • Rich Girard (R)

N.H. House of Representatives  – Hillsborough 39 (Wards 6,8,9)

  • Ross Berry (R)

N.H. House of Representatives – Hillsborough 40 (Wards 1,3,10,11,12)

  • Damond T. Ford (D)
  • Matthew Ping (D)
  • Trinidad Tellez (D)
  • Matthew Wilhelm (D)

N.H. House of Representatives – Hillsborough 41 (Wards 2,4,5,7)

  • Amy Bradley (D)
  • Jacqueline Chretien (D)
  • Mary Heath (D)
  • Joseph LaChance (R)

N.H. House of Representatives – Hillsborough 15 (Ward 8)

  • Brandon Lemay (D)

N.H. House of Representatives – Hillsborough 16 (Ward 6)

  • Holly Hillhouse (D)
  • Maxine Mosley (D)

N.H. House of Representatives – Hillsborough 17 (Ward 2)

  • David John Preece (D)

N.H. House of Representatives – Hillsborough 18 (Ward 12)

  • Jessica Grill (D)
  • Juliet Smith (D)
  • Matt Whitlock (R)
  • Carlos Gonzalez (R)

N.H. House of Representatives – Hillsborough 19 (Ward 10)

  • Jane Beaulieu (D)
  • Heidi Hamer (D)

N.H. House of Representatives – Hillsborough 20 (Ward 9)

  • Candace Moulton (D)
  • Alissandra Rodriguez-Murray (D)
  • Joshua Query (D)

N.H. House of Representatives – Hillsborough 21 (Ward 1)

  • Diane Langley (D)
  • Christine Seibert (D)

N.H. House of Representatives – Hillsborough 22 (Ward 11)

  • Patricia Cornell (D)
  • Carla Gericke (R)
  • Nicole Leapley (D)

N.H. House of Representatives – Hillsborough 23 (Ward 3)

  • Pat Long (D)

N.H. House of Representatives – Hillsborough 24 (Ward 4)

  • Don Bouchard (D)

N.H. House of Representatives – Hillsborough 25 (Ward 5)

  • Kathleen Paquette (R)

N.H. House of Representatives – Hillsborough 26 (Ward 7)

  • Brian Cole (R)
  • Tiffany Forsing (D)

County Commissioner District 1

  • Toni Pappas (R)

Hillsborough County Sheriff

  • Christopher Connolly (R)


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