Intoxicated brothers scare boy, challenge dad to fight after tampering with his car

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Michael Drake
Robert Drake

MANCHESTER, NH — Two brothers were arrested on multiple charges after an incident Oct. 29 that originated in the Domino’s parking lot on Amory Street involving an opening the door of a parked car occupied by a 10-year-old boy while his father was picking up a pizza.

Sgt. Mike Bergeron was in the Rite-Aid parking lot, 122 McGregor Street, dealing with an unrelated call when he was approached by a resident, Dariusz May.  Mr. May advised the officer about an incident which just occurred in the Domino’s parking lot, 150 Amory Street.

He told the officer that he parked his vehicle in the Domino’s parking lot while he ran inside to pick up a pizza, leaving his 10-year-old son inside the car. His son ran into the store a short time later and claimed an unknown man had opened the car door while he remained seated inside of the vehicle. The unidentified man opened the car door and immediately closed it after seeing the young boy. His actions scared the child, so he exited the car and ran inside to tell his father.

Mr. May ran outside and confronted the two men. They were later identified as brothers Robert Drake, 28, and Michael Drake, 25, both of Manchester.

The brothers allegedly challenged Mr. May to a fight and told him to meet them “down the street” in the Rite-Aid parking lot. Mr. May, looking to avoid a fight, drove to Rite-Aid because he had observed a police car there moments before he stopped for his dinner.

Fortunately for May, Sgt. Bergeron was still on scene in the Rite-Aid parking lot, so Mr. May explained the recent chain of events. The Drake brothers hastily walked through the parking lot a short time later and Mr. May was able to point them out to Sgt. Bergeron. The officer approached the two men and asked them about the incident. The brothers allegedly became argumentative and uncooperative while refusing to answer his questions.

Sgt. Bergeron determined the intoxicated men had been involved in the incident, so he placed them into custody for loitering/prowling. The men were placed in handcuffs on scene. A search incident to arrest revealed an empty “crack pipe” inside of Robert’s pocket, so it was placed on the ground with the rest of his property. Robert allegedly stomped on the pipe and destroyed it, so Robert Drake was also charged with falsifying physical evidence (Felony).

Michael Drake was charged with Loitering/Prowling and released on a white summons. He is scheduled to appear in the 9th Circuit Court-Manchester on December 3, 2015. Robert Drake will appear in court on today’s date. The investigation determined Michael Drake was the man who allegedly opened the car door. The young boy was frightened but unharmed during the incident.


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