I support Will Stewart for Mayor – Vote Tuesday!

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For as long as I’ve known Will Stewart, he has always sought to make life better for the people of Manchester. With his past accomplishments and his vision, I believe he is the best candidate for Mayor. When he says he wants to do something, I know he will work tirelessly to get it done. He wants to make housing more affordable, strengthen our schools, and end chronic homelessness in Manchester. Will has a realistic vision to address these issues, and he has the record to show that it’s not just talk.

I’ve looked at the other candidates. I think June Trisciani has done great as Alderman-at-Large the last two years. Will has served six years as Ward 2 Alderman, and I think the extra experience serving Manchester is important. I do like Kevin Cavanaugh as well. However, I cannot forget that as a state senator, he opposed the repeal of the death penalty in NH – a policy known to impact people of color and the poor disproportionately. Thankfully that barbaric punishment was eliminated from NH law in spite of Kevin’s support for it. Finally, I’ve listened to Jay Ruais. He sounds okay, except when he talks about homelessness and the opioid crisis, the first thing he talks about is law enforcement. That is not going to solve these complex problems.

If you haven’t thought about the primary, please take time to do so. And don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, September 19th.

Eric Zulaski



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