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MANCHESTER, NH – Well, itt’s been a year since my life changed dramatically. Again.

After two years working for, AOL sold its subsidiary hyperlocal news venture to another company in January of 2014, and I found myself between jobs. Again.

It has been that way for me since 2008 when I first got laid off by the NH Union Leader after more than seven years as a full time staff reporter. In 2009 I became a contractor and continued to work for the Union Leader as the Derry correspondent, posting stories on Derry Ink Link, until I had the opportunity for full-time employment again, through Patch.

I decided to try it because it sounded to me like the future of journalism.

Frankly, it’s a tough world out there for journalists. Everyone wants to know what’s happening, but nobody seems to value the skills and dedication of required to report the news with integrity and honesty.

The Patch model was one editor, one city; one human being with experience as a professional journalist providing the kind of community coverage that print news organizations just can’t provide for lack of resources, primarily due to staff cuts.

It’s a vicious cycle and a chicken and egg sort of thing.

Nowadays there are a lot of people sharing information via Facebook groups, which is a great way to bring the community together – at least for as long as Facebook remains an open platform.

But I wholeheartedly believe there is no substitute for a trained journalist when it comes to covering a community like Manchester.

I found myself in an unique position in 2014, and decided to replicate the kind of community journalism I’d grown to love as editor of Nashua Patch for Manchester, my home base.

It’s been a slower process than I’d like, but in July of 2014 I softly launched Manchester Ink Link and have been posting daily ever since. It’s not a full-time endeavor, yet. But I’m working hard to change that.

For those of you who’ve become regular readers, I thank you. For those who are just discovering the site, please stick around, and spread the word by sharing stories posted here, and by telling your friends.

My goal for 2015 includes expanding my coverage, and finding site sponsors and advertisers. I’m not looking for just anyone.

I’m looking for those of you who are, like me, embedded here in Manchester, who have a stake in what happens next. I’m looking for local small business owners who could use a boost, and maybe a platform. I’m looking for bloggers, people to bring their interests and expertise to the mix. I’ve already been blessed with some terrific bloggers:

  • Manchester Psychologist Dr. Loretta Brady writes a Clarity in Chaos column twice monthly, ready to field your questions about life, family, love, children, anxiety – you name it, she’ll try to get you closer to some answers
  • Carolyn Choate, longtime news lady and dedicated foodie, who is The Barking Tomato, going fearlessly wherever the quest for fine food leads her
  • Margo Sullivan, whose weekly column, The Gabby Dog, brings lively and unexpected stories about life with pets, something so many of us can relate to.
  • The Urban Hippie is a woman of a certain age who’s pulling out all the stops, and is ready to tell it like it is after a life of ups and downs.
If you are a local business looking for a solid partnership with someone who appreciates the importance of buying local, let’s talk about advertising. I have some truly innovative ad options and incredibly amazing prices.

If you are a resident looking for particular information or story lines, email or text me your questions. I will follow up on every inquiry and, if warranted, bring you the answers.

Got a strong opinion to share? We’ve got The Soapbox, a place where you can stand up and be heard. We also happily post your Letters to the Editor on any number of issues, fro local school administration to national politics. It’s your space to fill.

Local politicians preparing for a campaign run? Send me your biographical information for our next voters guide. And consider advertising here, as well. Are daily traffic numbers are expanding all the time, and our social media reach is unrivaled.


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