Hot spot patrol nets 2 arrests, including a sex offender who failed to register with the city

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MANCHESTER, NH – Manchester Police made two separate arrests in a “hot spot” area last evening. The ideology behind “hot spot” policing is based on both predictive analytics and a past pattern of criminal offenses and behaviors in a specific area.

According to a police narrative, the first arrest occurred near 144 Lake Avenue at 8:15 p.m. on July 20, 2015. Officer Jonathan Duchesne of the patrol division, observed a man exit the rear door of 144 Lake Ave. and proceed westerly across Pine Street. Officer Duchesne noticed the man did not use the marked crosswalk, so he conducted a field stop on the man he recognized from prior contacts.


However, the man originally provided a different name to Officer Duchesne, so he continued his inquiry as to why the man was in the immediate area in an attempt to dispel his belief that he recently purchased drugs from the address mentioned. The man was eventually identified as arrested Joseph Flynn, 50, of Manchester.

It appears the man initially attempted to hide his identity because he had failed to change his address and register as a sex offender, which are both felony level offenses. A subsequent search of his person revealed he was in possession of 1.10 grams of crack cocaine. Flynn was charged with possession of a controlled drug; sex offender failure to register; and sex offender failure to change address.


 The second “hot spot” arrest took place in the same area at 9:45 p.m. Officer Casey Finn and Officer William Dann observed a male subject proceed westerly across Pine Street while failing to use the required cross walk. The officers conducted a field stop and spoke with arrested Warrie Ward, 48, of Manchester.

The officers conducted a pat down search of Ward due to his furtive movements and gestures with his hands. Ward allowed the officers to conduct a search at which time they located .2 grams of crack cocaine. The crack cocaine was located inside of a Marlboro cigarette pack. Ward was charged with possession of a controlled drug; violation of bail conditions; and pedestrian in a roadway.

 Ward was in violation of bail conditions set fourth on July 6, 2015. Both men appeared in the 9th Circuit Court-Manchester earlier today.


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