Honored to be named one of NH’s Outstanding Women, and delivering on my promise to help kids in need

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That’s me on the air on WZID!

Random ShotsI recently got an e-mail from WZID that I was one of NH’s 20 Outstanding Women and I want to thank Renee Martel for nominating me.

What a thrill for me to be on the air with Neal and Marga and get to talk about my book: “Soul Signs from the Other Side”, (that can be purchased at Amazon.) You can hear my interview at WZID Facebook page if you click on the link with my photo. You can also read about all the other 19 Outstanding Women, and a big Congratulations to them all. Our awards luncheon will be set to a later date.
The biggest thrill was to be on the air with Theresa Caputo. I am such a huge fan and as nervous as I was, I got to talk a little about my book. (We were not in the same room). We both do the same as we help people out after the loss of a loved one. Neal and Marga, sure was a joy to meet them and they made me feel quite comfortable. It’s a day I will never forget! Who knew the “SIGNS” would align me up with Theresa Caputo on that day! Thank-You for the tickets to see her show in June at the Capitol Center of The Arts in Concord, NH. What a treat that will be!
It was great meeting Neal and Marga at WZID.

During my interview I mentioned that my next check of $1,000 from book sales was to go to New Hampshire Foster and Adoptive Parent Association, in Concord, NH. My book sales will always go to help “Children without Parents!” This is where I got to meet Mariellen J. Mackay and do a check presentation at my home in Manchester. The company was thrilled to receive this check and quite surprised. They couldn’t sing the donation’s praises loud enough and showed it by purchasing more books to help my cause for the next charity. How cool was that?

Mariellen McKay of the NH Foster and Adoptive Parent Association accepts a check for $1,000, proceeds from the sale of my book, “Soul Signs from the Other Side.”

I will always show my check presentations so people will know that my word is golden on giving away all book proceeds to children in need. To date I have given $5,500 to charities and I am very proud to be able to do so with the help from all of you who purchased, “Soul Signs from the Other Side.”

Thank-you for your continued support.

May God Bless all of us at this trying time. Be safe and Be well!

Gail Durant is the fourth-oldest from a family of 13 children. She has lived in Manchester her whole life with the exception of one year in Hillsboro. She worked for 41 years in shoe shops, laundry and manufacturing and fully retired five years ago. She lost her husband Bob almost three years ago to brain cancer, and wrote a book about their love story, Bob’s diagnosis, and the signs she receives from him, to this day. Proceeds from the book are given to charities to help children in some way and also for brain cancer research.  She resides in Manchester and has a daughter she adopted a few years ago, who came into her life at age 7 and is now 40. She has enjoyed photography most of her life, and loves taking random shots, and spinning the thoughts she has into stories, with pictures. She can be reached at gailmoose527@gmail.com.

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