Holy sh-t, it’s not a ‘witch hunt’

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After dropping a few bucks on Game 3 of the Stanley Cup—Florida winning in overtime is going to bankrupt me—I switched the channel and surfed back and forth between Fox News and CNN to watch the real blood sport. 

Former president Donald Trump had just announced that he was being indicted on federal charges involving his alleged mishandling of classified documents, and while the specific charges will not be unsealed until Tuesday, the feeding frenzy in the media was already in full force. 

And, of course, Trump said he didn’t do anything wrong, and all of his sycophantic cult members and right-wing propagandists in the “news” media parroted his claims.

Witch hunt! Witch hunt! Witch hunt! 

So let me get this straight: Donald Trump has now been indicted twice, once by the state of New York and now by the Department of Justice, for multiple felony offenses and was recently found liable in a civil case for sexual abuse and defamation, but he didn’t do any of it. 

None. Nada. Zero.

He was also impeached twice while serving as the president, but he didn’t do anything wrong there, either.

He has been accused of sexual misconduct by 26 women since the 1970s, but all of those 26 women are lying. He is telling the truth.

And he’s still being investigated for inciting an insurrection on Jan. 6 and trying to fix the 2020 election, but he unequivocally had nothing to do with any of those sordid affairs. Absolutely not. This is all a witch hunt organized by the deep state to take down a righteous man and a great American.

Do people really believe the shit he’s shoveling? 

Allow me to simplify this. Long before he was the president of the United States, Donald J. Trump was a criminal. Criminals, by definition, engage in crime without regard for decency or the rule of law.

It takes a special level of narcissism to actually believe that all of these forces of justice are unfairly focused on him, and this is all an elaborate left-wing witch hunt to take him down. And it takes a special level of ignorance and gullibility to believe his lies. 

By the way, to Democrats doing their touchdown dances right now, don’t. This could potentially backfire in any number of ways. For example, the only person octogenarian Joe Biden can beat in the general election is Trump. Just about any other GOP candidate will waltz into the White House. If the left is betting on this clearing the path for 2024, they’d have better odds betting against the Florida Panthers in overtime.  


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